Equestrian services offered

  • Site survey: GPS and total station survey
  • 3D CAD  Digital Terrain Modelling
  • Planning applications
  • Design of gallops, arenas  and manèges (aka ménages)  
  • Irrigation & drainage for racetracks, gallops, arenas, paddocks and manèges
  • Technical specification and bill of quantities
  • Tender administration  and procurement
  • Construction supervision of contractor
  • Construction management for self-build

Drainage for manèges (aka ménages)     

Keeping a manège surface at optimum moisture levels requires proper design of both the irrigation and drainage and this will depend on your choice of working surface and budget. Some working surfaces (such as waxed sands) don’t require an irrigation (sprinkler) system, but these surfaces tend to be expensive.

Irriplan also design buried water storage tanks for rainwater harvesting and re-use of water for the irrigation system.

Drainage using recycled materials

In addition to the design of conventional drainage schemes for manège (with land drains, stone carpet and sand layers separated by geo-textile), Irriplan also offer some alternative solutions that use recycled materials. This solution dramatically reduces the amount of quarried stone for the drainage layer, replacing the stone with a lightweight 100% recycled drainage medium with a very high hydraulic conductivity.
The material is made from sintered pulverised fuel ash and is extensively used in civil engineering and sports turf drainage applications. The material weighs less than half that of a typical quarried stone but has extremely high hydraulic conductivity. Unlike a crushed stone, this material is both micro-porous and macro-porous; the micro-pores allow some moisture to be retained in the profile meaning that the working surface does not dry out too quickly however the macro-pores ensure that all excess water is removed at a high rate.  In addition to this environment-friendly drainage medium acting as the drainage carpet we also use drainage tiles made from 100% recycled plastic as the perimeter drain around the edge of the manège and as the conveyance drain within the manège.


Drainage for gallops and race tracks

Irriplan offers a range of design solutions for drainage of natural turf.  Our approach is to engineer a drainage scheme to meet the specific performance requirements of the client, rather than merely designing a generic drainage scheme.   Irriplan will look at a range of drainage solutions to suit your particular requirements, including;

  • Primary land drainage
  • Secondary drainage; sand-banding/slitting  and gravel-banding/slitting
  • Micro-drainage
  • Surface drainage

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